Living in Scandinavia

After googling some about moving to Scandinavia, I found interesting articles and blog posts, mainly focusing on expectations versus reality. One of them is absolutely worth highlighting: Vanessa was an MSc student in Tromso and she wrote a short, but more comprehensive review about her experiences, difficulties, and daily life in general. I loved reading her thoughts, try it by yourself here.

We have seen your code

I am a Developer Relations Engineer at […], we are working on improving developer recruitment. We have analyzed your open source contributions on Github and we think that you could be a good fit for the position as Software Engineer at […], in Barcelona.

I have very few codes uploaded to my Github, basically university homeworks and other scripts I had to complete for random purposes. As you all know, if you talk about homeworks, quality is not the first word, which comes up in your mind. I do not understand how this can be enough for any serious company, so I had to say a gentle no for this opportunity. Fun to think about it.